A Sign of Good Friendship

A friend recently flew up to my place from western Japan to come snowboarding for the week. I’d agreed to it when I thought I had a lot more time to work on the game. As the final stretch approaches, I realize that perhaps I was naive. But, so be it. This weekend will be a good time to relax and get some needed sleep.

The same friend was looking to come up one more time for some more snowboarding and we were trying to decide when a good day is. Most of his good weekends were busy for me and vice versa. There was one particularly free spot: the weekend of February 27-28.

My final stretch period.

He asked why that weekend was bad. I explained that I had to work on my project. I was preparing myself to hold my ground if pushed, to not budge on that weekend even if it was the only one left of the season. I was happy to find that he didn’t push, and we found a good, if expensive, weekend in late March.

One sign of good friends: They understand when you say no. They understand when something that is important to you isn’t worth missing.

It was a relief to find I didn’t have to defend myself. But maybe it says more about my trust in friends that I worried he would push. In any case, it was a good start to this relaxing, snowboarding weekend.