To Witness Violence in Japan



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Christmas in Japan


Christmas Tree at my elementary school.


This year marks my 3rd Christmas in Japan. A time for Christmas cakes, a single present, and chicken. Just like home.

Christmas, perhaps because of the red and white aesthetic (thanks, Coca-cola!), is a romantic holiday in Japan. Christmas Eve, especially. So I, like the amazing boyfriend I am, took my lover to the Christmas movie of the season: Star Wars. All that snow, trees, and red and green lights. Lightsaber gift-giving. It had all the trappings. It was the first Star Wars movie that my girlfriend didn’t fall asleep during, so that’s a plus too.

And, because Christmas is more observation than holiday over here, I’m back in work on a Christmas Friday. Nothing to do. No new computer to continue actual work on a game, though it’s supposed to arrive today. I’ve been writing a new story and tossing game ideas on paper and going to the library when it suits me. But in terms of “real work”, whatever that means, I’ve been taking a break. Holiday break, I suppose. Eating a donut and drinking coffee at my desk. I feel like a police officer. Incidentally, that stereotype doesn’t resonate at all with Japanese people.

“Okay, so: coffee and donuts! What do you think of?”

“Coffee and donuts.”

“No, but like… something else. Like, when you think about red and white and love and snow…”


“Right, but now with coffee and donuts.”

“You?” He was right.

“No, something else.”

“Sunday morning, at Mister Donuts.”

“Okay,” I said, trying to reframe the question. “When you think of coffee and donuts, do you think of police officers?”

“Why would we think of police officers?” Probably a royal ‘we’ there.

“I dunno. Crazy, right?”

“Yeah, you’re crazy.”


Conversations can get really long on Christmas day when you’re at the office and nobody has much work to do. But, in a weird way, it feels like I’m sitting by the fire with family. Just, in an office, with a big gas heater. And instead of my grandfather is a similarly aged older man who came to work in spite of taking the day off officially because he didn’t want to sit around with his wife all day. Ah, Christmas!

Anywho, writing this makes me feel weirdly productive, and I’m supposed to be taking a break. So… uh… Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. 良いお年を and all that jazz.

See you in the New Year.