Death of a Computer


You know what can be frustrating? Waking up to a computer that doesn’t work anymore. Especially when you haven’t backed up anything.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of ourselves, and especially as it relates to those of us who find our career being on the computer. As we create, more and more of ourselves gets proliferated over the internet and, ideally, in other less-digital spaces. It is nice to have a blog so that some amount of my data is out there. And to have a git account with some game information and a mediafire account to house some other big projects.

Like the major players in the US government, not everyone is in the same space at the same time. If something terrible happens, there is still some remnant to work with. Not all is lost.

After running around to different places, I learned that I could get my 5 year old buddy fixed, but it’d take at least 3 weeks. Perhaps longer, given the holidays coming up. I’d decided 5 years was enough. Thankfully, the computer didn’t catch fire or anything. I opened up the beast and removed its HDD heart (heart disc drive?) and managed to put the data on another computer. Immediately after doing this, I felt an amazing sense of relief.

So, I’m sorry I don’t have something more substantial this week. But, if anything else, I hope to offer a friendly reminder:

Back up your data.

Enjoy the holidays. Looking forward to 2016.