Recommended Websites

As I explore the depths of the internet and find new and exciting things that tip my fancy, I’ll be sure to collect them here, for both of our benefits. For sake of length, I’ll do my best to make sure everything here is at least slightly connected to the idea of this blog.

For Life in Japan
This Japanese Life
Japanese Rule of 7
Surviving in Japan
Let’s Speak English

For Learning Japanese
General Learning (Theory)
All Japanese All The Time
Fluent in 3 Months
Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese

General Learning (Practice)
Erin’s Challenge (beginner, intermediate)
Nihongo Pro (I’m a nerd for their quizzes)

Learning Kanji
Read The Kanji (the only SRS I can stand)
Kanji Damage

For Game Theory
The Problem Machine
Extra Credits

For Teaching English
Genki English

For Writing
Writing Excuses

If there’s any website out there worth seeing that I’ve missed, please let me know!

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