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This the place to come to if you want to play any of the projects that I’m working on.

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Status: Completed
Game Text: English
Average Game Completion: 30 minutes
Average Perfect Completion: ???
Speedrun 100%: ???

You’ve come to the Hakai region to destroy it. Hakai is a arcade-style action game, one part breakout, one part pong, with a little RPG spice to liven things up. The game has over twenty levels and an odd story to carry it along. Have fun!

Hakai page at (PC / Mac)

Tetris Fighter

TetrisFighterV1 2017-04-21 10-12-05-91

Status: Completed
Game Text: English
Average Game Completion: 20 minutes
Average Perfect Completion: 30 minutes
Speedrun 100%: 6 minutes

Help Mino get the Victory Sphere! Tetris Fighter is a simple puzzle-platformer where you need to use falling Tetris pieces to help a little square find their way to the goal. The game also includes a simple local multiplayer vs. mode. Enjoy!

Tetris Fighter page at (PC / Mac)

Shichikashuku II

七ヶ宿ダム・タイトル png 3

Version: 1.04
Status: Completed
Game Text: English & Japanese
Average Story Completion: 5 hours
Average Perfect Completion: 12 hours
Speedrun 100%: ~8 hours

Shichikashuku II is a love letter to the town of Shichikashuku in Miyagi, Japan. A turn-based RPG with over 40 characters, secrets galore, and a personality all its own, Shichikashuku II offers a little something for everyone. Test your Japanese/English knowledge at the English Gates and repel the demon army!

Shichikashuku II page at (PC / Mac)

English Warrior

English Warrior

Version: 1.0
Status: Completed
Game Text: English & Japanese
Average Story Completion: 1 hour
Average Perfect Completion: 1.5 hours
Speedrun 100%: ~30 minutes

English Warrior is a simple, traditional RPG about a young warrior who must defeat a dragon to help the kingdom. The warrior must get stronger by fighting and completing English challenges scattered across the land. Choose your character and start your adventure now!

English Warrior page at (PC)


Shichikashuku Opening

Version: 1.01 (final version)
Status: Completed
Game Text: English
Average Story Completion: 30-45 minutes
Average Perfect Completion: 2 hours
Speedrun 100%: ~40 minutes

Shichikashuku is an adventure game made for my middle school students. In it, you play a new student at a middle school who has to make friends and find the location of the missing English textbooks. It’s a short game with simple puzzles that test basic English knowledge. For native speakers, there’s quite a few fun jokes thrown in as well.

Shichikashuku page at (PC)

New Horizons

World Map Full

Version: 0.6
Status: Cancelled
Game Text: English & Japanese
Average Story Completion: N/A
Average Perfect Completion: N/A
Speedrun 100%: N/A

Based on a textbook of a similar name, New Horizons tells the story of Ichiro and Sakura, two children living on a floating island. When their island crashes down on the world below, they find that everyone speaks a different language! Curious as to the reason the island fell, Ichiro and Sakura venture out into the world. There they stumble upon ancient mysteries, engage in “conversation battles”, and explore a wide English-speaking land.

At present, the game is 4 chapters long out of a planned 11.

New Horizons Download Link (for PC or PC-emulators)

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    • Hope they help! Some like Shichikashuku and Shichikashuku II were specific to my town, and perhaps some additional assignment might be best. Like, asking questions: “What’s your favorite place? Who do you like? Describe Nametsu.”

      Let me know how they turn out for you if you end up using them!

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