Born near Boston, Joshua Warhurst is an English teacher with an education background, as well as a game designer on the side. A fan of RPGs and interactive media in general, he often tries combining his job and his love, to help others learn through media.

He now lives in America, or maybe in Japan? He’s moving around, like Carmen Sandiego.

This site is focused on Josh’s three main hobbies: game design, language learning, and teaching. Please enjoy your stay.



For more, here are Joshua’s:

Game design blog.
Ichi.io account.
Portfolio website.


P.S. For those curious, Jōchō (じょうちょう) is a Japanese word meaning “redundant” or “wordy”. Why did he choose this for his online alias? The world may never know.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I’m sorry, I don’t find another way to contact you. Would you be so kind to contact me instead? I’m studying on a topic you write about and it would be an immense help if you could give me some hints to tackle a related project. Please? ._.

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