A blank canvas? It feels like something’s missing.


If it’s any consolation–and I’m pretty sure it ain’t–I’ve been busy.

It’s funny to have a blog. It can be a deeply personal thing, and yet if you don’t share it with others, it ceases to function.

I read a lot of blogs and other various websites, and it always strikes me how angry people can become when you don’t update. I’ve seen posts like, “You better be dead, because there’s no other reason for the lack of communication.” or “What the hell are you doing!? No posts for over two months?” And I get it, kind of, because I’ve seen people abandon websites before, and while my reaction is more on the lines of “I hope they’re alright” and “They’re probably busy”, I can see where another person, someone very invested in this, could respond with anger.

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed enough to have avoided all that thus far, and people here have been more than accepting.

So, sorry for the absence. I can’t promise I will be better, but I’ll try.

What’s interesting is that, as the number of posts I write every year goes down, the views for this blog only go up. I suppose it might correlate with the total number of posts, more than anything else. Regardless, it’s interesting to see the viewership go up in spite of my failings. I only hope the games I make have a long tail like this blog.

Then I wonder, if I made money from this blog, would I have more or less reason to update it more frequently? If I run a Kickstarter and have the obligation to update people on every current step, would I be better with communication? Idle thoughts, but worth having.

It seems like forever since I was in Japan. You could say that I miss it, but more than that, I feel like I should be back. Not that I miss my job in Shichikashuku, though I miss the staff and kids, and neighbors, and the environment… Well, perhaps there is some longing. But really, I’d love to return to Japan with a location-independent job, like the game design I’m currently doing.

In two weeks, my girlfriend will be here for the holidays. I’m looking forward to it. She’s practicing her English, which she feels is woefully incompetent (it isn’t), and my mother is practicing her Japanese, which she feels is lacking (it is). It will be good to show her what life is like in my corner of America. Hopefully she likes it, because in spite of my love of Japan, not being able to raise my future children in America for at least some of their childhood would be a deal-breaker.

Aside from her, the most interaction I’m having with Japanese these days is in playing video games, specifically Final Fantasy XV, which can be played in either English, Japanese, French, or German, and is subtitled in a half dozen more, no matter which version of the game you get. So while I won’t write a full review just yet, I can say that FFXV is a pretty good option for someone wanting to learn Japanese. With the caveat that you should probably be at a N3 or N2 level to get something out of it, unless you want to flip through a dictionary every second you get.

The words I’ve learned thus far from FFXV:

揉める(もめる) – To worry about
挑発(ちょうはつ) – To provoke (Pretty common in lots of other games too)
嵌める(はめる) – To set someone up
万物(ばんもつ) – All things, all creation (Can’t listen to Gods talk without learning this one)
慈悲(じひ) – Compassion (Gods need more of this)
和解(わかい) – Reconciliation (Old friends should do this before they die)
孵化(ふか) – Hatching (Chocobos do this)
介入(かいにゅう) – Intervention (What else is a hero supposed to do?)
船出(ふなで) – Setting sail (To visit island countries)
標本(ひょうほん) – Specimen (The things you might find in an ancient ruin)
桟橋(さんばし) – Wharf (A good spot for fishing)
謳歌(おうか) – Glorification (Also the Chinese reading for the Japanese car brand Acura)

Anywho, I hope y’all have been having a good time, and that you’ll have a nice holiday season. And, I hope I can write something else before the holidays begin.



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