Two Months


Just this week the packages that were sent home the week I left Japan arrived here. Books! こけし! HDMi cables! Memories! It’s all here!


I can’t just let a whole month go by without a single post. That’s blasphemy!

And yet, here we are. In Japan, it’s already October. Here in Massachusetts, another 7 hours remain of September, but it’s little solace.

I’ve been working hard since I’ve been back. Already I have about 45 minutes of content in a game that may that is shaping up nicely. I’m glad I have the opportunity to do this and even though I left Japan to do this, I can’t say I have many regrets.

Aside from the work, I’ve been playing 幻影異聞録#FE, or “Tokyo Mirage Sessions” in English. At 65 hours in, I’m almost done and about ready to move on to the next thing. It was a great game though. I’m excited to play Persona 5, which just came out in Japan, but I’d like to put something between two 真女神転生 games.

I have a lot of memes to catch up on, apparently. Everyone I’ve been hanging out with in America seems to be lightyears ahead of me in pop culture knowledge. I don’t feel like I’ve missed out, but I have missed some things that might as well be common knowledge. On the other hand, I’m still keeping up with the current goings on in Japan. I want to see 「君の名は」 and I think PPAP is odd and confounding. Some things never change.

I saw some pictures of a MAJET (Miyagi AJET (Association of JETs(Japanese Exchange Teaching))) event the other day that made me wish I could be back. But then, it was the same weekend as Tokyo Game Show, and being that my career is moving towards game design, I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend the MAJET event anyways. Still, if anything can be called regret, it would be this desire to hang out with people in Japan even though I’m not there. On the other hand, I’m blessed to be able to hang out with my friends here.

No matter where I’ll be, for the rest of my life, there will always be something I’m missing. That’s the curse anyone who leaves their hometown must bear. Probably you experience it too. The friends at the school you left. The college mates who went their separate way. You can’t be everywhere at once. In any case, it’s not the worst curse to have.

The days are getting colder here. It’s raining. But overall, everything is heading in the right direction.


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