Goodbyes Galore and the Drinking Gauntlet

I said my goodbyes to the middle schoolers last week. I said my goodbyes to the elementary schoolers on Wednesday. I said my goodbyes to various people, including the owners of a restaurant I used to frequent. And, I’ve said goodbye to my daily life as I’ve known it.

These transition periods are totally, fundamentally different than any other time. I have to focus on goodbyes and giving things away rather than when I’m going to casually hang out with someone. Every meeting might be my last. While I say to myself that I’ll see everyone again someday, more so than any other time in my life, I’m not sure that that’s true. Even most of my college friends stayed in the same place. If I do see these people again, it will take an effort.

With goodbyes also comes drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Next Monday is a drinking party with my current teachers. Tuesday is a potential drinking / barbeque with friends. Thursday is a drinking party with a former group of English learners. Friday is with a bunch of parents of my now ex-students. Saturday is with a handful of ex-coworkers. The Monday after that is another party with people from the Board of Education.

My liver won’t thank me.

Less than two weeks and I’ll be back home in the states. Surreal. 寂しい。

Writing, Feelings

What do I write?

It’s not that I have nothing to write about. I have half-written posts on bullying and goodbyes and education. I have things to say about my N1 test, but we’ll wait for the results to see how it went (though, I’m not hopeful). But, I find myself stopping halfway through because the posts end up being a little too negative, and I don’t want to be writing about anything overly negative as I leave this town.

I can imagine being back in America, throwing around learning strategies and criticizing things that happened in Japan. Looking at them from a distance. Writing with time and space as allies.

But for now, I want to go out with high feelings, even if that means I’m not able to finish anything I write.

That said, I have been writing a lot. I have 3 goodbye speeches to write to my schools, and while my elementary one isn’t too long, my middle school one became really long. I should chop it down. I have to deliver it next Wednesday, my last day at the middle school, in front of all the students. I hope it’ll go over well. Lord knows I’ve seen enough kids and teachers doze off during other speeches. I’ve given my fair share of yawners too. Hopefully enough peer editors will prevent that.

With that, I bid ya’ll adieu. Hope next week brings a clearer head. And thanks for sticking around during this tougher time.

N1 on Sunday

No post this week. Aside from saying that I have N1 on Sunday and I hope you’ll wish me luck. Also, quitting Final Fantasy Record Keeper was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Have a good week! See you later, 鰐.