Golden Week


Like Shonen Jump, I’m off next week!

Not just Shonen Jump, of course. Just about every big business takes Golden Week off. Today (Showa Day) and next week’s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all off.

I took Monday off for a nice 7-day break. My girlfriend and I decided to go to Taiwan, as between Taiwan and Thailand (we love the たいs), the price increase compared to a normal trip was smaller for Taiwan.

Which was great, because it meant that I could practice my Chinese which I haven’t really touched in almost half a decade. But, like riding a bicycle, it’s coming back pretty quickly. Between listening to ChineseClass101 and spending a chunk of time on Memrise every day, I feel like I can grasp the basics again. And, plainly, it’s fun to study again. 我喜欢学中文!!

While I had only planned on studying in the time leading up to going to Taiwan, I’m feeling that spirit of learning Chinese coming back. Now the big problem isn’t learning another language per se, but that I should probably be focusing on game development, as that has the biggest impact on the near future for me.

In any case, I fly out to Taiwan tonight. Wish me luck!

Jumping Around

Last week I had friends coming from America. This week I have no excuses. Still, I don’t have anything substantial this week.

In minor personal news, I signed up for the JLPT N1 in July. The deadline to sign up is the 28th of this month, so if you want to sign up, give it a shot! The website has some cool features when you sign up, like the fact that you can take a picture with your webcam. It took a while to load, but it worked. As for the JLPT itself, I started studying in earnest again last week. That means more books, more manga, more readthekanji, more nihongo-pro, more JapanesePod101 and more whatever keeps my interest.

In school-related news, the new school year started with a whole slew of new English materials. Most importantly, a fresh new edition of the New Horizon textbooks. Completely revamped. I’m such a fan that I started writing a post about them. Should be up next week.

In game-making news, Shichikashuku II is ever-so-close to completely finished. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, even if it isn’t close to perfect. Aside from that, I’m getting back into Unity and working on LowRezJam 2016, which are actually unrelated tasks as I’m doing LRJ in Game Maker. We’ll see if I can finish on time, but it’s good to work on something small and short for my own sanity.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week and accomplish your goals and live happy lives! 🙂