The Difficulty of Difficulty

The ball on the left represents material that's too easy and the ball on the right represents material that's too hard. And like reality, it's really hard to tell which side is which.

The ball on the left represents material that’s too easy and the ball on the right represents material that’s too hard. And like reality, it’s really hard to tell which side is which.


A balancing act in both the classroom and the world of games. Continue reading


Can you guess what I’ve been doing the past week? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with Army Tea Baker Gem Key.

Stumped? C’mon. I… Oh, you knew all along and were just playing me? Well I guess the shoe is on the other hand now!

In any case, not only have I been making Shichikashuku 2, but I’ve been trying to finish A Return Home (ARH), which is becoming increasingly harder as I start to pour mental resources into the former. I have most of the script ready to go, so now the work is all in implementing it and making sure the battles aren’t too ridiculous. In truth, it’s probably only a week or two of dedicated work, but that’s a week or two that I could be spending on the new game.

I even made rewards to myself if I finish ARH. Like, an extra monitor. And seeing that I’m leaving in 9 months, the longer I wait to get it, the more the purchase seems like it’s made on faulty logic. Which means I should finish the game sooner, so my monitor will be used more. Right? Something seems off.

Anyways, Shichikashuku II has been really fun to make, as all games are in this early stage when solid forms start to emerge from the gelatinous mess of the mind. I’ve been modeling the whole game on my actual town, which means I need to do some fieldwork to place buildings and streets correctly. I need to take pictures. And seeing as the winter is coming and lots of places are going to be closed off soon, I need to do it quickly.

Probably the best part about this project is that wonderful feeling of increased connection to the town. As I only have 9 months left, a project like this helps me connect even more to the small places and tiny details. Hope it comes through when the project is finished.

In other news, RPG Maker MV is great fun. As much as I enjoyed VX Ace, MV is leagues more usable than the former. It has some quirks, but I don’t think there are any reasons to continue using VX Ace after this project is over.

In other news, it’s starting to feel cold and there are so many new JETs this year. More new JETs than returning JETs for Miyagi. Like, 24 new JETs and 20 returning ones. Something like that. Crazy.