RPG Maker MV Comes Out Today

I know what you're thinking. "Amazing Photoshop skills!" you say. But no, for it is Microsoft Paint that let's me bring this masterpiece into existence.

I know what you’re thinking. “Amazing Photoshop skills!” you say. But no, for it is Microsoft Paint that let’s me bring this masterpiece into existence. Also, don’t mind the “comming”. English is hard.

Today!? Wait, what?

Wasn’t this just announced like, a month ago? And here I thought that their vague “Winter 2015” release could mean something as late as March 2016. I mean, that happens. I’ve been there and been okay with it. But here I was thinking that my current project would be well and done by the time MV comes out and I’d have to go back and update it.

What does this mean?

I will finish “A Return Home” in VX Ace in the next few weeks. But given all the assets I’ve been using, I think a port to MV will prove difficult. If enough people enjoy it, I will probably consider a port, but for now, I’ll leave it as is.

In other news, since finding out the release date a few days ago, I’ve started to lay the groundwork for my final game made just for my students. I call it: “Shichikashuku 2”. I have about 5 months to make it. Let’s see how it turns out!


It’s there. I’ll probably post about it next week with first impressions.

Until then! またね

8 thoughts on “RPG Maker MV Comes Out Today

    • Of course! It’s one of the best tools for a beginning developer to get into the process of making games solo. I use other tools as well, but RPG Maker is solid for many of my endeavors.

      Have you had bad experience with RPG Maker in the past?

        • I’ve actually only finished one game (Shichikashuku) with RPG Maker, myself. Hoping this current project will be the second. It can be tough to finish games when ambition is high. 😛 Programs like Unity and Game Maker are great, but their relative difficulty often help curb ambition naturally.

          If you’re looking for professional RPG Maker games, look at things like “To The Moon”, “Lisa”, “Always Sometimes Monsters”, or “Echoes of Aetheria,” which just came out.

          • The newest one, MV, can export games to iOS and Andriod, as well as web browsers. But it’s new, so there aren’t many games made in MV out right now.

            The older versions only do PC export officially. It’s possible to get it onto other things, but it ain’t easy. 😛

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