RPG Maker MV

I've been looking forward to this day!

I’ve been looking forward to this day!


Whaaaaaaaaa! 🙂

So, turns out the next version of RPG Maker was just announced: RPG Maker MV. No release date yet, but it has me hyped beyond anything.

Some new features:

  • Can code in Javascript! Wooo!
  • Can export to Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and HTML5. Considering the past versions’ limitation to Windows, this is a huge boon.
  • Native mouse and touch input means no need for extra scripts.
  • Native side-view battle system. While early RPG Makers had this, VX didn’t, which meant a lot of additional scripts were needed.
  • 3 map layers. Pesky problem with past versions is now solved. Hard to explain, so here’s a picture:



  • Plugin Manager. Now scripts can be a lot easier to use without digging through the script.
  • Event searcher. For all your event searching needs!

While I’m still learning C# and Unity, I think RPG Maker is a wonderful program and allows for quick creation of RPGs. I thank it for getting me deeper into the game-making world, and I hope this new version helps even more people make the RPGs of their dreams.

Can’t wait to hear a release date. 🙂

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