One Year of TJRPG!

One year. Tons of memories.

One year. Quite a few memories.


Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂


This year has been a year full of firsts. During this blog’s first year, I’ve managed to:

  • start and maintain a blog (obviously)
  • finish creating my first video game
  • learn how to ski
  • learn how to do the Japanese stilts
  • learn how to ride the unicycle
  • learn how to play badminton well
  • bike and run regularly
  • complete my first full year of life in a foreign country

…as well as many other smaller victories along the way.

In terms of this blog itself, I’ve been lucky to get:

Of course, my greatest joy comes in giving people something they like. I hope to continue to present interesting (and educational?) posts to you all in the future.


Of course, probably the biggest challenge of maintaining a blog for fun lies in time management. As someone with an 8:15-4:00 job, I definitely have a decent chunk of free time after work. And during work in fact, considering my school has a lack of students. Weekends are usually free as well, to be done with as I please. I’m lucky in that regard.

But I’ve done a decent job trying to fill that time. As I’m sure everyone who reads this knows, I spend much of my free time working on my game or my blog. I’m a slow reader and writer and relatively deliberate in what I create. In addition, I spend a lot of time reading Japanese manga and books, and playing Japanese video games. To remove that aspect of my life is not something I’m considering. In addition, partially because of the cold and partially because of my backlog of gaming, I’ve been running less. I’m fine with that, but I wish I could fit that in as well.

To add to that, I’ve begun work on a new video game with two friends. I have high hopes for this new project (it’s a strategy RPG for the phone), but it’s going to be more work. I’ve definitely bitten off a lot. Let’s see how well I can chew it.


In any case, always be aware that this is one of my projects, and even if I slow down (and I’ll try not to), I will most definitely not stop anytime soon. So I hope you look forward to more posts on The Japanese Role Playing Game.

In addition, please let me know what segments you would like to see more of, or any topics you think should be looked at in greater depth. I know what my close friends like, but for everyone else out there, I’m a little in the dark.

Best wishes, and to another great year!

2 thoughts on “One Year of TJRPG!

    • Thanks! It’s been a fun ride. I probably wouldn’t be here if not for bloggers like you, however, keeping blogs alive for three or four years! Can’t wait to join those ranks. 🙂

      And you should come over again! Or at least go to “Yume wo Katare”. It’s pretty much the same thing. :p

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