A Shout Out to the RPG Maker Community

Even a different first language won't stop the kindness of these folks!

Even a different first language won’t stop the kindness of these folks!


For making my life a living heaven.

I was recommended RPG Maker back when I first came to Japan. While I’d used RPG Maker II for a short time about ten years prior, it didn’t click with me. So the recommendation fell on semi-deaf ears. I did hear a little, but that little bit was drowned out by internal shouts of “this is impossible”. I’m not proud of that.

Come winter of last year and I decided to give the free trial a go. Changed my life, that decision did. For better and for worse. There as times when I should be working on something short-term for my students when instead I’m making a game that will only be used for a few weeks. Even if the game becomes something used by the masses, as someone who works at the school, I’m not really doing my job. That said, getting me into game-making is a wonderful change in my life.

That’s not to say RPG Maker is the easiest thing to get into. Easier than the alternatives, admittedly. So, in order to learn how to use RPG Maker, I had to use a few guides. Guides like this one and this video tutorial. Without those and countless other smaller ones along the way, helping me do what I want to do, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all I have.

But maybe we’ve come to see guides as expected, ungrateful bastards that we are. No matter what game we’re playing, what meal we’re making, what new language we’re learning, there’s some place on the internet willing to teach us for free. And that’s awesome.

What I never expected was the degree to which the RPG Maker community makes content for individuals… for free!?

That’s right! In the process of making this game, I’ve gone to the forums four times for help (for a menu script, a floating book sprite, a change to a save script I was using, and just recently a script for another window for my battle screen). Each time, someone has helped me out incredibly quickly.

So I just want to say thanks. Thanks to Sixth, philteredkhaos, Gmork, Sarlecc, and Zarby. And to the countless others out there helping other people with their projects for little to no reward beyond a spot in the credits and satisfaction that you’re helping others. I’m so glad you’re all out there. 🙂

Best of luck to all of us as we go forward!

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