The Best Image From E3




I think the caption is self-explanatory.

Do I Need a Title? Yes? Shucks.

I’ve been a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. for ages. I remember playing the original with friends from the neighborhood, gathering around a television and a Nintendo 64 to witness just how bad I was as a player. I’m pretty sure Super Smash Bros. was the first time I understood that it was okay to like something you’re terrible at. It was an absurdly fun game, in spite of all those losses.

I thought the sequel was amazing. Tons more characters. More responsive gameplay. Those things register in my mind now. But actually, I’m pretty sure the reason I thought Super Smash Bros. Melee was amazing was because it increased the number of characters with swords. I like swords, and I really liked Roy and Marth. I think my first words in Japanese were a bastardized version of whatever Marth says when he does his side attack (うんせいとりゅあ?).

When Brawl came out, I thought it was the cat’s pajamas. I was convinced it would earn perfect ratings in every respectable gaming publication. Unfortunately for me, I was unaware of the fact that people had different opinions. Still am.

Given the huge swath of time that has spanned my entire time with Super Smash Bros. (15 years), I’ve had a lot of time to think about what exactly I’d want from the series. As an RPG nerd, it’s always boiled down to customization, leveling up, and stats. When Brawl came out and I saw the things you could equip for the single player, I was stoked. But having those items not translate to multiplayer was disheartening.

Seeing the level of customization for the next Super Smash Bros. is wonderful. Even if it’s only for playing with friends. Choosing which moves to use? Levels? STATS?

I’m in heaven.

Well, kinda. I’m still waiting on the game to arrive. No sense in hyping something that hasn’t been released yet. It’ll probably be terrible anyways.

Oh, and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Also, I’d planned on two posts this week, and unfortunately I’m only halfway through the second one (it’s over 2000 words long, presently). Knowing I’m not going to finish, but still wanting two posts, I decided to go with the short ramble above. I hope you can forgive me! :p

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